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America Online or better known as AOL, once was the king of all the internet, however that was years ago.


Free mail forwarding services

Bigfoot DOMAINS: Bigfoot allows you to forward emails to an existing account. The free service has a limit of 50 forwarded messages per day, and 3MB per message. BigFoot…


Free IMAP email services

SAFe-mail DOMAINS: SUPPORTS: IMAP POP3 SMTP WEB SAFe-mail offers a free email service with 3MB of storage space and powerful encryption that can be used to send highly secure…


Free POP3 email services

Bluebottle DOMAINS: SUPPORTS: POP3 SMTP WEB Free spam-protected email with 250MB of storage, POP3 and web-based access and outgoing SMTP. One key feature of Bluebottle which makes it stand…


Free web based email services

Bluebottle Free spam-protected email with 250MB of storage, webmail, POP3/IMAP access and outgoing SMTP. Bluebottle can be used to consolidate and spam-protect up to 3 external email accounts (including…


Zoho Mail

Zoho makes a complete suite of online productivity tools, including a spreadsheet, a Wiki service, and more. Zoho Mail is their free email offering, and it looks quite spiffy. 



Hushmail is a bit more of an esoteric service. Their main claim to fame is that fact they provide “private, secure” free email accounts. Why the quote marks, you ask?…


Yandex Mail

Yandex is primarily known as the leading search engine in Russia (where it’s more popular than Google), but it also operates a free webmail service, Yandex Mail. While the service’s…

If you feel that your email domain name is the most important part of the address, you should definitely check out Its default domain name ( is cool enough,…


Microsoft’s webmail offering underwent a somewhat similar cycle to its Web browser: Like Internet Explorer, Hotmail used to be a dominant force in webmail. Then Gmail came along, and Hotmail…